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Q&A with a CAIP® Certificant: Heather Higdon

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When you first heard about the CAIP credential, what were your initial thoughts?

When I first heard about the CAIP exam, my initial thought was, this is something that is attainable for me being that I work in an ambulatory surgery center! I had looked at other infection prevention certification exams, and not that I was opposed to learning more information, but they didn’t necessarily apply to me. So I was really excited to see that there was an exam option that would credential me in a workplace setting that I worked in.

Why did you pursue the CAIP credential?

I pursued the CAIP exam, initially, because it was a goal of mine on my yearly evaluation. As I looked more into it, I felt that it would really benefit me to have that credential as the infection control coordinator position that I have at work.

How do you think earning and maintaining the credential will benefit you and your ASC?

Earning and maintaining my CAIP will benefit me and my workplace by keeping us both up on the latest knowledge and workplace practices. I feel that is beneficial for not only accreditation time but also on my day to day infection prevention rounds.

What advice would you give to those individuals who are considering pursuing CAIP?

My advice for anyone considering the CAIP exam is JUST DO IT! Not only will you feel so accomplished but it really does give you a sense of being committed to the profession and the role of infection preventionists. You are never too old to learn and grow!