FAQ: CAIP Contact Hours

Q: Will the Certified Ambulatory Infection Preventionist (CAIP) certification have its own type of continuing education credits or will it be the same credits as the Certified Administrator Surgery Center (CASC) certification?

A: To fulfill the continuing education requirements for the CAIP and CASC certifications, certificants must earn continuing education credits specific to each certification from approved providers.

For CAIP, Infection Prevention Contact Hours (IPCHs) will need to be obtained. For CASC, Administrator Education Units (AEUs) will need to be obtained. Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, no self-reported (unapproved) continuing education hours will be accepted for CAIP or CASC. Lists of approved providers are available on the CAIP website and CASC website. Some educational programs will offer both IPCHs and AEUs. For example, the ASCA 2019 session “Make Your Infection Preventionist a Full-Time Partner in Your Safety and Quality Programs” offers an IPCH (Infection Prevention Program Development, Implementation and Maintenance content area) and AEU (Delivery of Patient Care content area). Certificants should check education program schedules to determine which sessions offer what type(s) of continuing education credits.

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