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Q&A with a CAIP Certificant: Lisa York, MSN, RN, CASC, CAIP

You are currently viewing Q&A with a CAIP Certificant: Lisa York, MSN, RN, CASC, CAIP

When you first heard about the CAIP credential, what were your initial thoughts?

When I heard about the CAIP credential I was excited because I recognize the importance of infection prevention in our ASC setting. I was curious about what it would involve; I already had a CASC, so I was a little familiar with the organization but still was unsure if it would be doable.

Why did you pursue the CAIP credential?

I pursued the CAIP credential because I always believed that infection prevention is a huge area of concern for the ASC (any healthcare industry really).  As the previous nursing director of the facility and now the executive director, I felt it was my responsibility to obtain the credential to validate my knowledge and experience and to better lead the facility.

What do you think is the value of CAIP?

I think the value lies in being an advocate for infection prevention and the credential provides credibility to the individual holding it.  As it is voluntary, I think anyone who achieves it is really a leader for their facility and deeply committed to ensuring the highest level of patient care, staff wellness and safety.

How do you think earning and maintaining the credential will benefit you and your ASC?

Earning and maintaining the credential had benefited me by personal satisfaction and the facility by having a legitimate, knowledgeable, credentialed person on site every day driving the infection prevention program.

What advice would you give to those individuals who are considering pursuing CAIP?

I would advise anyone considering the credential to study, pay attention to things around their facility, ask questions, and go for it.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I think it is essential for governing boards and medical directors to understand what this credential means and to support the individuals working to attain it on all levels, as there is no downside to having a CAIP certified individual at the facility.  In light of the pandemic, I think the whole world sees infection prevention in a new light.