Achieving CAIP certification provides evidence of education, training and competence in infection prevention. It can also support that the ASC infection control program is founded on infection control knowledge and excellence in practice. With the CAIP certification, ASC infection preventionists can show they are committed to developing the highest level of infection control skills.

Lee Anne Blackwell, RN, BSN, EMBA, CNOR, CAIP

It has been necessary for some time to develop a certification that recognizes the knowledge base of ASC infection preventionists. The CAIP certification allows ASC infection preventionists to validate their comprehensive knowledge. Certification distinguishes the infection preventionist as a leader devoted to ambulatory surgery infection prevention standards and best practices and is a symbol of dedication to personal development.

Lisa Berus, RN, MSN, MEd, CASSPT, CAIP

When a clinician decides to obtain certification in a specialty, I believe it demonstrates that the individual is motivated to continue learning, and it demonstrates initiative because they took the steps necessary to obtain the certification. The CAIP credential will allow clinicians to proudly display that they have achieved a certification because they want to be the best in the ambulatory industry when it comes to infection prevention.

Ann Geier, MS, RN, CNOR, CASC™

I have always felt that a certification in infection prevention and control needed to be developed for the ASC industry by ASC professionals. CAIP is geared towards our needs and standards which, in some areas, are different from that of a hospital. In becoming CAIP certified, you will designate yourself as a certified professional in infection prevention in the ASC setting.

Tammeria Tyler, RN, CIC, CAIP

This is an exciting journey both for our industry and at our individual centers as the CAIP exam will be administered specifically for ASC infection preventionist to test their knowledge distinctive to our industry. Make sure your center’s infection preventionist is leading the way by becoming certified!



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