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Q&A with a BASC® Board Member: Mike Schroeder

You are currently viewing Q&A with a BASC® Board Member: Mike Schroeder

Why did you choose to join BASC?

I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with other leaders in the ASC industry at the national level.  The members of the BASC board have a tremendous amount of industry knowledge and experience.  This provides a great opportunity to network and collaborate on issues that impact outpatient surgical facilities.

When you first heard about BASC what were your initial thoughts?

I had been in the outpatient setting for some time and had a desire to pursue to the CASC certification once I learned about it.  Having a certification that was uniquely designed around the ASC setting was important.  Taking the CASC and CAIP exams provided me confidence in my abilities to lead and teach others entering outpatient surgery leadership roles.

What is your favorite thing about being on BASC’s leadership board?

The collaboration from all the board members is great.  Everyone on the board works hard to contribute to the advancement of the certification process for both administrators and infection preventionists.

How has being a part of BASC helped you professionally and or personally?

Being on the BASC Board has provided me the chance to work closely with ASC industry leaders and promote the certification process.  It is very rewarding to see exam candidates challenge themselves to prepare and successfully earn the certifications.

How do you think earning and maintaining the CAIP/CASC credential will benefit certificants and their ASC?

As the utilization of outpatient surgical facilities increase, so does the need to train the leaders of these facilities.   I believe that BASC offers certifications designed to recognize and distinguish the experience and knowledge our facility leaders possess to meet the expectations of the physicians and patients we serve. 

What advice would you give to those individuals who are considering becoming a certificant?

Become familiar with the items included in the detailed content outline of the handbooks.  Review the reference sources provided related content areas.  In addition, consider taking a review/prep course.  Finally, trust in yourself and your knowledge to successfully pass the exam.