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Q&A with a BASC® Board Member: Stephanie Conquest

You are currently viewing Q&A with a BASC® Board Member: Stephanie Conquest

Why did you choose to join BASC?

I chose to join BASC because I believe in lifelong learning and the delivery of superior patient care.


When you first heard about BASC what were your initial thoughts?

When I first heard about BASC, I was excited to learn of their commitment to ASC excellence.


What is your favorite thing about being on BASC’s leadership board?

My favorite thing about serving on the BASC board is contributing to the advancement of the ASC industry.


How has being a part of BASC helped you professionally and or personally?

Being part of BASC has enhanced my leadership skills and provided opportunities for networking with colleagues.


How do you think earning and maintaining the CAIP/CASC credential will benefit certificants and their ASC?

CAIP/CASC certificants who earn and maintain certification benefit through industry recognition of their commitment to providing quality patient care.


What advice would you give to those individuals who are considering becoming a certificant?

My advice for anyone considering becoming a certificant is to get it done. Not only are certificants adding to their credentials, but they are also enhancing their ability to lead toward optimal outcomes.